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Why I'm sharing my financial information

I'll admit, starting this business has meant I have less time for some of things I used to love to do. One of the things I took for granted beforehand was catching up with friends. There was mates who I wouldn't see for weeks or months and I'd use the excuse that I'm too busy or tired. And even when I was on the way to see them, sometimes I felt like just going home and watching T.V. But then as soon as I saw them we have a laugh and a great time and there was no place I'd rather be. Now I'm working 6 days, that includes nights, I have less time for these catch ups. Fortunately, I've got some great people in my life who understand that its not as easy for me any more and make the effort to come and visit me in store, come out late at night after I knock off, or just simply send me a text or give me call to check in. I truly appreciate these moments. One thing they all ask, is how the shop is doing. And I answer, usually more honestly when I've had a good week.

One thing I have found about starting up a small bottle shop is that I spend a lot of time just sitting around waiting for customers to come-in. Should I be spending more time thinking about ways to market the business to increase customer traffic? Probably. Should I put more effort into the website, including setting it up for online sales? Probably. Should I be thinking more about other revenue channels I could target? Probably. But I do find myself reflecting on why aren't I more honest about how feel the business is going? I have good days and bad days. Some days I wish I made more sales, other days I wonder if I am ever going to reach the sales targets I want to reach. Then there are times I think, yep this is definitely going to work.

But one of the things I have been thinking about recently is, why don't we talk more honestly about how we are doing financially. I've borrowed money from friends to help me get through some tight periods. I've put a lot of pressure on my partner to support us while I pursue this venture. They have put a lot of faith in me to make this work, so why haven't I put the faith back in them to be completely honest with them about how the business is going?  Do I think this business is going to succeed? Yes! Would I like it to be doing better than how it is right now? Yes! So that is why I thought I would share daily sales numbers online.

If you've been in store and wondered why I don't have a particular product in, or why it still looks like an old convenience store (hot tip, it was!), why stock levels go up and down, and why I'm not get more and more things in even though I want to. Hopefully this will help paint the picture how much a start up bottle shop in Coburg North makes each day and why I might have to hold off getting that new product in so I can pay rent this month.

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